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technical support

The following installation guide will help you to install smartbox add-in on your computer successfully.

Minimum system requirements

Please make sure that the computer on which you plan to install smartbox meets the minimum system requirements for the add-in to run:



Computer and processor

500-megahertz (MHz) processor.


1024 megabytes (MB) of RAM or higher; 512 MB recommended for graphics features.

Hard disk

50 megabytes (MB) available disk space.


1024 × 768 or higher-resolution monitor.

Operating system

Windows 7, 8 or newer (32-bit or 64-bit).

Additional software requirements

Additional requirements and product functionality can vary based on the system configuration and operating system.

Installation instructions

smartbox add-in installation instructions for all current Microsoft Windows versions

Before you start to install smartbox please make sure that your computer meets the minimum system requirements. To install smartbox on your computer you must have administrator privileges.

  • Locate the setup file on your computer and run the setup wizard. On Windows 2003 and Windows 7 please right click on the setup file and choose Run as Administrator from the context menu.
  • Once the setup wizard has started, you can click on next to view the End User License Agreement.
  • You are advised to read the terms of the license carefully before proceeding with the installation. If you decline the license terms, the installation cannot proceed.
  • After you may have choosen the option I agree you will be able to start the installation process on the next page.
  • To complete the installation, click Install. During the installation process all required files will be copied to your hard drive.
  • After the installation has completed you might be required to restart your computer.
  • Once your computer has re-started, open Microsoft Office PowerPoint and you will see the smartbox tab on the Office ribbon. Please select License Key and enter your personal license key. After your key has been validated you will see the smart design templates as well as smart toolbox window fully integrated into your PowerPoint application.