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smart PowerPoint

Develop documents compliant with your corporate rules

How to develop PowerPoint presentations compliant to your business' corporate rules?

With smartbox PowerPoint add-in you can do much to help your users to comply with CI guidelines.

smartbox PowerPoint add-in will help you to improve your corporate presentations with unique and simple to use helper tools. Embedded in Microsoft Office PowerPoint this software extension incorporates all your corporate layouts and templates (smart templates), gives immediate access to your predefined corporate color schemes (smart colors) and offers a collection of advanced design tools (smart tools) matching professional's presentation needs.

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smartbox service model

includes four advanced stages


smart Microsoft Office document consultancy

  • Evaluation of existing reference material
  • Development of suitable & consistent & conform document templates your business needs
  • Analysis of your business' document management (automation) needs

smart Microsoft Office document customization

  • MS Office integrated software extension (add-in) incorporating corporate elements & templates
  • Unique design tools for consistent, precise & efficient document production
  • Custom document management facilities based on your technical requirements

add-in for Microsoft Office programs

  • Integration of all important documents, templates & elements for centralized accessibility
  • Immediate availability of your corporate identity (colors, images, web-links)
  • Provision of a unique tool-set to save time & be more precise

Microsoft Office toolbar and document concept

  • We will conduct (remote or on-site) training aimed at resourceful document production with the Smartbox toolbar
  • We will show you how to build strong presentations
  • We will establish with you how to manage your document workflow more efficient